After years of being physically fit and healthy, age, work, and the stress that goes along with all of it found me 10 years or so later sedentary, out of shape, weak, demotivated, and with a total lack of self –confidence and control. I had never considered hiring a personal trainer before, but realized that I just couldn’t do it on my own anymore because I didn’t have the willpower at 55 years old to go back to working out and eating right and in reality, just didn’t know how to do it anymore. Several months ago, I had seen Angela come into the restaurant that is next door to the gym where I was eating lunch and thought ‘Wow, she looks awesome.  I would love to look like that!’. So, I knew the gym was there and knew she worked there.  Problem was that I still wasn’t motivated and didn’t make any changes for several more months.  More time went on and finally, on my way to McDonald’s to get my drive- thru fast food lunch, I swerved (I think there might have been Divine intervention) into Anytime Fitness, signed up, hired Angela Parpan of Fit For All Seasons as my personal trainer and that event in March 2014 has positively been the greatest, most impacting change of my life and the best gift I’ve ever given to myself! 

Angela has been an inspiration to me sharing her knowledge and motivating me to be my personal best.   She started me by saying ‘Just show up.  I’ll take care of the rest’.  And, I did.  I felt accountable to Angela because I knew that she could transform me and she WANTED to help make such a positive difference in my life.  She was a trainer that actually cared.  She helped shape me from the inside out !  Almost a year later, I’m getting stronger every day in all areas and all seasons of my life.  I’m super happy with my accomplishments.   From fitness to nutrition to motivation and inspiration, I love working with Angela and cannot imagine not having her as such a positive influence in my physical and mental life!!   - A. Moore


These were the pants Kris used to wear over a year and a half ago... She says they used to fit her pretty snug. Now more than 60lbs lighter and 8 sizes smaller, she's only 5 lbs away from realizing her fitness goal! Congratulations, Kris for sticking with it and not giving up even when you felt like crying!
"The training I have received from Angela has made a tremendous positive impact on my health, my awareness of food intake, control, balance. I feel so much better since I started the program. This is a structured program to fit your own personal needs. Exercises are monitored so that you learn how the exercise affect  specific muscles/bones/ ligaments in order to teach you how to properly exercise preventing any injuries. I am  a breast cancer survivor with Lymphedema, and Angela has helped me regain strength and use of my arm again! That alone tells you the high quality service she provides. The exercise program she provides will in fact make a difference in your life. I have been able to perform exercises that I thought I could never do again. 
Not only has Angela contributed to my physical wellness but to my positive outlook in life!"  - Female, Age 63